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Re: RFC declarative built-using field generation

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:
> We can take advantage of the architecture specification in Build-Depends
> being fairly wide-open. So this should not break existing parsers:
> Build-Depends: foo [any built-using], bar [i386 amd64 built-using]
> Alternatively, a package named built-using could be uploaded. This would
> allow:
> Build-Depends:
> 	built-using, foo,
> 	built-using, bar [i386 amd64]

A third alternative would be to use a comment in d/control:

  some, packages,
# Include in Built-Using:

dh_builtusing could then include all build dependencies listed below the
marker in the Built-Using field.  Of course the marker should look a bit
more like something processed by a tool than a free-form comment as


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