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Re: consensus about Built-Using?

On 01/31/2013 23:41, Matthias Klose wrote:
>  - The scope of what belongs into Built-Using is not clear. Policy is
>    vague ("Examples include ...") and ftp-master seems to have a much
>    more narrow interpretation.

There's an open bug[1] against debian-policy to improve the wording, but
nobody has suggested anything so far.

  [1] <http://bugs.debian.org/688251>

>  - policy 7.8 requires the "exactly equal" relation to express this
>    dependency. This might be convenient for the dak developers, however
>    it is not what you always want.
>    - {gcj,gnat,gdc}-4.x do *only* use the upstream tarball in a
>      gcc-4.x-source package, which doesn't change between full source
>      uploads. So the correct field is e.g.:
>      Built-Using: gcc-4.7 (>= 4.7.2), gcc-4.7 (<< 4.7.3)

For binary packages or Build-Depends using "=" causes problems as one
cannot install multiple versions in parallel.

Only allowing "=" for Built-Using makes the implementation in dak easier
(there's no real dependency handling in dak). We might keep a few
additional source packages in the archive, but I don't see a problem
with this.

>      However I still fail to see, why the corresponding build-dependency
>      cannot be used to extract this information.

We don't guarantee that build dependencies are always satisfied. The
source for a binary included in the archive should however always be

>  - Built-Using doesn't belong into the binary package. Now you add >100
>    Built-Using attributes into the gcc-4.x control file just to replace
>    everyone of these with the *source* package name. Nice! Granted,
>    Ansgar Burchardt did provide me with a patch, but I won't do such
>    exercises on my own. Why not as part of the changes file?

It's a property of the binary package that it incorporates stuff from
other packages, not a property of the upload.

We also don't keep changes files and exposing the Built-Using
information seems useful.

>  - Built-Using shouldn't track source packages but binary packages.


>    If the field is supposed to be used for license tracking, then you
>    should consider that binary packages built from within the same
>    source package have different licenses.

Different files in the same binary package can have different licenses
too. So one has to deal with this anyway.


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