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Re: bash readline

Hi Jack,

Jack Andrews <effbiae@gmail.com> writes:
> i really like the readline in bash - it seems bash is "vi complete" in
> vi mode.
Unfortunately it’s not vim-complete (not sure about “pure” vi), take for
example this command line:

    foo "bar" baz

Then, press Escape, 0, w, w, c, i, " — nothing happens, but in vim, this
would replace “bar”.

> now, i haven't looked closely, but i think the good vi mode is a patch
> on (bash?) readline in debian?
I suggest you look closely before posting:

I see some patches on the readline code there, but none mentions
something related to “df;” (I might be wrong).

> but on ubu^H^H^Hdebian, rlwrap uses the vanilla readline and it's
> really annoying that i can't get the same line editing features with
> rlwrap (and, i expect, readline).
I can confirm that. I suspect libreadline differs from bash’s readline.

Best regards,

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