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Re: tool to create debian/copyright files paragraphs?

Thomas Koch, 2013-01-28 12:58:43 +0100 :

> Hi,
> I have a package (closure-compiler[1]) with files copyrighted by six different 
> parties unsystematically distributed over a large source tree.
> Has anybody already written a tool to automatically create the files section 
> of the debian/copyright file? The tool should try to keep the files list short 
> by using wildcards.
> If not I might hack something in python.

It might be better to do it in Perl: the Config::Model::Dpkg already
implements the logic.  The package also provides a "cme edit
dpkg-copyright" graphical editor which does some checking, so presumably
it wouldn't be too hard to add something to automatically guess at
initial contents.

Roland Mas

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