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Re: tool to create debian/copyright files paragraphs?

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> writes:
>> Has anybody already written a tool to automatically create the files section
>> of the debian/copyright file? The tool should try to keep the files list short
>> by using wildcards.


Normal invocation:

$ git-copyright-scan
File: abi-compliance-checker.pl
          2009 Ryan Niebur
          2009 Ryan Niebur
File: debian/copyright
          2009 Paul Sladen
File: debian/control
          2009 Paul Sladen
File: debian/rules
          2009 Paul Sladen
File: debian/watch
          2009 Paul Sladen
File: debian/dirs
          2009 Paul Sladen
File: debian/changelog
          2009 Paul Sladen

It is ok that very new commits are missing:

$ git-copyright-scan --git-opt "--before 2010-01-01"

Ignore minor contributors:

$ git-copyright-scan --git-opt --before=2010-01-01 --min-lines 30 --min-commits 5

After you create debian/copyright git-copyright-scan will only list
missing copyright holders so you can use it to verify that you have
listed everyone. Also, you can use wildcards and it will understand
those but does not generate wildcards itself.

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