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Re: Backports upgrade policy (ButAutomaticUpdates:yes)

also sprach Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> [2013.01.24.2017 +1300]:
> > And say that a year later 2.3 comes out and it's the bee's knees
> > because it fully replaces 1.1 except that the configuration cannot
> > be automatically migrated, and all the power users on #debian-devel
> > persuade you to backport it, what do you do?
> Backport it. Thats one of the points backports is for. I would actually
> ask wth 2.2 wasn't backported before.

Because 2.0 drops a feature you need and introduces some bugs. Also,
the configuration needs a lot of manual work to migrate.</hypothetical>

> > And yet, setting "ButAutomaticUpdates: yes" pretends that it's the
> > other way around.
> If you decide to install a backport - you do that. You decide to get
> that most recent version. Which includes keeping it most recent.

Except ever since backports became more and more popular, causing
NotAutomatic to be set at some point in time due to popular demand,
it's been such that you decided to get the backport and if you
wanted to keep it recent, you had to do an additional step.

Now you have to do the additional step to prevent that. Someone
just changed it for no good reason. Both ways have pros and cons.
Setting ButAutomaticUpdates certainly doesn't have enough pros to
warrant this change, just like that. The way it was before does have
a huge pro though: it's the way it's been for years. You know, never
change a winning team…

> If you really want it only when you explicitly say so, including
> upgrades to (possible) security fixes, I don't think
> ButAutomaticUpdates overrides local pinnings?!

No, it does not, and yes, you can just pin all backports to
1 manually. However, as I said before: this is requiring an
additional step to get the behaviour that was default for years, and
which IMHO makes more sense too.

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