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Re: Bootstrappable Debian - proposal of needed changes

Am 15.01.2013 19:18, schrieb Johannes Schauer:
> This mechanism also covers cross-compiler bootstraping. The eglibc, gcc,
> and kernel packages already have the neceassary staged-build info, but
> the build profiles (1.) part is also needed to specifiy the reduced
> build-deps. The cross-toolchain bootstrap ceases to be a special case if
> treated this way and just becomes packages to be built in stages using
> the profiles mechansim, like many others in the base system (but for
> build arch taregtting host, arch, rather than built for host-arch). See
> the wiki article at [11].
> [11] http://wiki.debian.org/MultiarchCrossToolchains

Please stop calling this "MultiarchCrossToolchains". It was already wrong when
used in the Emdebian context, and on some GSOC pages. What you are apparently
aiming for is a cross compiler re-using the target libraries built (natively).
However this is not yet done, requires dependencies on "foreign" architectures
and only is a very special case, not helping for targets where these are not yet
available (like for the arm64 bootstrap). Having a cross-toolchain just built on
the host architecture (targeting the target architecture), should still be an

Binutils, GCC, clang, and probably more packages in Debian are currently aware
about the multiarch locations, including native and cross compilers. So please
don't hijack this term for your very specific view on a cross compiler.

The so called "cross-toolchain bootstrap" is overly complex and probably should
not be handled by staged builds, but by building from a combined source tree.


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