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Retrieving source package from repository without touching sources.list?


I often find myself wanting to download a particular source package from
some apt repository that I don't have in sources.list.

For me, this procedure seems annoyingly tedious. I have to:
(a) become root, (b) edit sources.list (c) run apt-get
update (d) become regular user again and run apt-get source (e) become
root and delete the entry from sources.list again (f) run apt-get update

Before I start hacking on a script, has someone else maybe already
solved the problem? I'm thinking of a dget-like tool that accepts a
source url, e.g.

# fancy-dget http://http.debian.net/debian/ experimental mypackage

would download the newest mypackage source from experimental. Bonus
points if messing with the system wide sources.list is avoided entirely
and no root privileges are required.



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