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Re: debian/* license of non-free packages

* Markus Koschany <apo@gambaru.de>, 2013-01-10, 11:11:
I am facing the same problem with my package zangband at the moment. The license is non-free and does not allow copying and distribution for "profit purposes". I had to update the copyright because of bug 696916 and 696919 and decided to make it clear that the files for debian/* are free. I had chosen GPL-3+ for these files.

The package got rejected by the release team who argues that it "is very likely to make the resulting code undistributable if the debian packaging includes patches touching the upstream part". [1]

Therefore i have prepared another version and i use the GNU All-Permissive license now. [2] I hope that this solves the issue but i haven't got a reply yet.

On a side note, unace-nonfree also contains patches and the whole debian directory is made available under the GPL-2+ license.

Maybe a permissive license is better suited then a copyleft license for such cases.

s/Maybe/Sure enough/

Jakub Wilk

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