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Bug#697270: PC 32-bit programs fails to work on amd64

On 01/04/2013 01:02 AM, Alexey Eromenko wrote:
> Please keep in mind, that I have wasted 4 hours of my personal time on
> this Debian bug, and do you think this is reasonable ?
It all depends.

How did you even install Firefox 32 bits? We don't have such a
package in Debian. It's rebranded as "iceweasel", because the
mozilla foundation wanted it this way (it's complicated, so I
will not go into details about why, though you can search on
your favorite web search engine about it).

And to reply to your question:

Yes, it's reasonable to spend 4 hours of your personal time on a
Debian bug. Hundreds of people are spending even more time than
this on a daily basis in order to improve Debian.

No, it's not reasonable to report you can't run Firefox 32 bits
on a 64 bits arch Debian, when really, you'd better just do:
apt-get install iceweasel

and use your newly installed browser in 64 bits mode...


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