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Re: Knowing the release names in advance (was: Feedback)

On 12/30/2012 04:26 PM, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> Would it be an idea to publish the list of version numbers and associated
> code names a few releases ahead, say the upcoming three releases? Of
> course the prerogative of deciding on the names will remain with the
> release team, it would only be pulled forward a bit.
I have 3 things to say about this. Yes, then yes, and yes again.

Not only this is good for our users, but this is also technically
needed for both upstream and us, doing the packaging.

Let's say you have a software that somehow, installs Debian.
Then it might require the user to select which name of the
release to install.

Currently, we knew about the name Jessie *after* the freeze,
meaning that we couldn't have written a software that would
debootstrap it without asking for an unblock.

I made that point very clear multiple times, and I haven't been
the only one doing it. Yet, it hasn't been heard, and I never
receive any technical argumentation as to why we shouldn't
know the release names well in advance. Maybe if there was
a greater number of DD insisting that this is necessary, this
could change. Please +1 to this if you agree.

If there is a reason why we shouldn't know, please expose it
in this list. I, don't see any.


P.S: I personally don't care at all what the name is, I just care
to know it in advance. Please don't come with the argument
that it is difficult to choose, that would be very backward,
because a name has to be chosen sooner or later...

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