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jessie: Mounting /usr in the initramfs


Hope you're all having a good time over Christmas and New Year.

I've created a wiki page here for this proposed release goal for jessie:

Any information you'd like to add to the page for the upstart or systemd
init systems would be very useful.  Currently, I've included the
required changes for initramfs-tools and util-linux (plus patches) and
sketched out the needed changes in sysvinit.  Any other information
or discussion you would like to add would, of course, be appreciated.

It won't be possible to get this started in earnest until after wheezy,
but I had the opportunity to start playing with it over the last few
days.  The patches are sufficient to get things going, though they are
by no means final.  So far I've only tested it with local/local and not
on NFS/NFS or combinations of NFS/local; if anyone who cares about these
cases would like to test them, that would also be appreciated.  One
missing bit here is not bringing up the network if the root is local
and /usr is on NFS.  Shouldn't be hard to add, but I lack the ability
to implement and test it until after New Year.


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