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Re: Feedback

Its the most counter-intuitive, and non-user friendly name since "Snow Leopard"!

A very Merry Debian Christmas from Dallas, Texas!

----- "Mistikos Nik" wrote:
> Debian documentation is a joke. It constantly refers to Debian versions by their nick names, and not their versions.
> If I am new to Debian and go to read the manual and I see 'Squeeze', do you think I am going to know what the fuck that means? No, but if Debian actually used the official name, then it would fall in line with conistency. I.E documentation for 'Debian 6'.
> People outside the development circle arn't going to know what Debian jargon.
> This is a classic case of computer nerds lacking social skills. If you don't have good documentation, then the product isn't going to get used.
> Debian use to be really popular. Now only old people use it. Why because new comers will choose a well documented distro over one that doesn't make sense. Life is too short to fuck around.
> Merry Christmas!

Ean Schuessler, CTO
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