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Re: Getting Intel Cedarview drivers into Debian

Hello Mikko,

Mikko Rasa <mikko.rasa@movial.com> (21/12/2012):
> It should be noted that due to licensing issues, the driver will be
> closed source.

I should note: lol.

> There's also one kernel patch that needs to be applied to Wheezy's
> kernel for the driver to function.  The patch has been accepted to
> the mainline kernel, and my understanding is that it's included in
> the 3.7 release[1].

You may ask kernel maintainers whether they want/will consider
backporting that patch (if it even makes sense) to 3.2; Ben will
probably answer this point, otherwise you can reach kernel maintainers
at <debian-kernel@lists.debian.org>.

> 1. Is there any possibility of getting the drivers in the initial
> Wheezy release?  If so, what needs to happen on our end?


> 2. What about a subsequent update to Wheezy?  I wasn't able to find
> information on what kinds of changes are permitted.

No. What you could try to achieve is getting your packages into
unstable; if they are in a good shape, they may migrate to testing
once the freeze is lifted. From there, they become candidates for
wheezy-backports. More information on:

> 3. Neither us nor Intel has any Debian developers on our respective
> payrolls.  What's the best approach for maintaining the package?
> Should someone from Intel become a maintainer, or are there some
> existing developers or maintainers that can take responsibility of
> the package after the initial work is complete?

For a regular (meaning FLOSS) X driver you could ask X maintainers
(debian-x@lists.debian.org), but you should note they are not
interested in non-free drivers. You may try your luck by asking
maintainers of those blobby/non-free fglrx or nvidia drivers.


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