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Re: dput-ng/1.1 in unstable

On 04.12.2012 20:40, Paul Tagliamonte wrote:
>> What are the chances of dput-ng becoming available in backports (well, once we
>> release, backported to wheezy at least)?
> Erm, I failed to parse this correctly, as RoboTux pointed out to me.

Thing is, we as dput authors would be perfectly fine to backport dput-ng
to Squeeze. It's not a big problem from our perspective.

On the other hand it is a problem to comply with the Debian Backports
policy, which essentially require that a backport is not newer than the
version in Testing. Now, as we are in a freeze there won't be dput-ng in
Testing anytime soon.

We may be able to provide an out-of-tree backport on a private
repository, but I don't see many chances to get it into Squeeze.

We may, however, surely provide a backport for Wheezy once it is released.

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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