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Re: the right bug severity in case of data corruption

On Wed, 2012-11-28 at 16:01 +0100, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Even users of mboxo shouldn't even have a problem because in your
> message the F of the "From " line is encoded in quoted-printable:
> | =46rom blahhityblah Fri Jul  8 12:08:34 2011
> | >From foobarbaz Fri Jul  8 12:08:34 2011
> | >>From quux Fri Jul  8 12:08:34 2011
But this is something that just some "friendly" MUAs do... it's in no
way imposed by any standard to this kind of clever quoting

> So, there's no possible corruption due to the mailbox format.
Not fully true either... well it depends on your MUA/tool, because some
are buggy in a way that they'll unquote his:
">From foobarbaz..." line.... which of course mustn't happen.


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