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Reply-To munging (was: Re: "Do not CC me")

Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> writes:

> The solution to this is very simple. Have the
> mailing list manager to add a Reply-To: header
> on each messages.
> I've done this on few of the lists I manage, and since
> then, nobody sends double-messages.
> But, probably, mailman is too stupid to have such
> kind of options (I use (and maintain in Debian) MLMMJ,
> which is used by big distros like Gentoo and SUSE).
> Thomas
> P.S: I know that the list manager adding a Reply-To:
> header breaks the RFC, and people setting-it up
> explicitly on their mail client, but it works very well...

Fascinating.  Did I miss the announcement of
"Repeat-Every-Controversial-Discussion month" or what? Anyway, to save
us some time, could everybody please just read


and agree that we are not going to agree on this subject either?

There is absolutely no reason to repeat any of the arguments found in
those three documents here.  Anyone reading this list should be capable
of googling.


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