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Re: Mandatory -dbg packages

On 27/10/12 19:30, Michael Biebl wrote:
On 27.10.2012 12:25, Vincent Bernat wrote:

Libraries with `-dbg` package are a pain to deal with when debugging
some problem. The solution to ask each user to rebuild the library
without stripping debug symbols[1] seem suboptimal. Asking each
maintainer to ship a `-dbg` package may be a solution[2] but couldn't we
generate those packages automatically by the builders, like this is done
with Ubuntu[3]?

I remember we had a discussion about this a few years ago. An automatic
service has been setup for this[4] by myon but it does not seem to be
updated anymore.

Why does this experiment have been stopped? Could we mainstream it?

Afaik the work was started by pochu as port of GSoC [1][2]. According to
[3], Marc was his mentor. I've CCed both, maybe they can comment on
what's still missing.
I'd love to see that happen.
Yeah, in (cough)Fedora, kdbg even offers to download and install debug packages for you. Debug packages also make back-traces more than useless, and (cough)Ubuntu offers to download debug packages which it installs and re-examines the back-trace to see if more are needed. Having the sources installed in /usr/src and referenced there rather than /buildd would be an improvement too.

If there's a way to re-path debug information from /home/user/x or /buildd to /usr/src then that would be great.

One less reason for Debians build process to need a fake root.

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/EmilioPozueloMonfort/GSoC2009Ddebs
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/AutomaticDebugPackages

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