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Re: Discarding uploaded binary packages

On Wed, 17 Oct 2012 12:28:14 -0400
Chris Knadle <Chris.Knadle@coredump.us> wrote:

> Out of curiosity, how would a user /know/ whether a package has been built via  
> a buildd rather than on a DD's local machine?

Check the wannabuild logs for the package. A listing of Installed
without a build log means that the binaries for that architecture were
uploaded by the DD.


No logs for amd64, so developer (me) uploads amd64 binaries.

All the other "Installed" listings link to the build log for that
version on that architecture.

Any source package which only has Architecture: all binary packages is
uploaded by the DD although there can be binNMU's.


So this counts for the majority of the perl, shell, python and other
interpreted language packages.

Build logs are accessible via the PTS too:


Neil Williams

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