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Re: Salvaging packages for fun and profit: A proposal

[ dropping "hijacking" from the subject, as that's not what this thread
  is about :) ]

On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 08:30:26AM +0000, Bart Martens wrote:
> The good thing is that everyone in this thread so far seems to agree that some
> packages in Debian need salvaging by a new maintainer, and that we need a new
> practical procedure to enable that.  I also see people pooring water in their
> wine towards a consensus, so in my opinion this discussion has been
> surprisingly constructive so far for the sensitive/controversial subject.  I
> intend to wait a few more days for additional comments before making a new
> updated draft (but anyone, please feel free to make an updated draft without
> waiting for me).

Hear hear, the above matches my perception too. There are still some
aspect to be fleshed out, but we seem to agree on the need and, roughly,
on the procedure. Thanks a bunch to Lucas, you, and all the others who
helped keeping this discussion going.  I'm looking forward to a new
draft, for further review and assessment of what remains pending.

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