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Re: Bug#690183: ITP: apt-fast -- shellscript wrapper for apt-get or aptitude

On Sb, 13 oct 12, 16:55:17, David Kalnischkies wrote:
> If you don't fall for such placebo effects you are unfortunately out of luck
> as "host" is the default, but you can use a service like http.debian.net
> (which only works so well because "host" is the default …) to get a
> real benefit - assuming that you really have more bandwidth available than
> one mirror is able to provide you without being unfair/"anti-social"
> to all the other users using the same mirror, which is how apt-fast works.
I have yet to find a reliable mirror that is able to saturate my 
bandwidth :(
I'll try http.debian.net

> If you wonder why APT is getting all packages from one source (the first one
> mentioned in the sources.list) even if it could choose between two or more
> sources in your sources.list: It is assumed your sources.list is ordered from
> most to least desired source: e.g. CD-ROM, local mirror, "internet" mirror.
> Getting a package from the internet if it could be acquired through CD-ROM
> would be a waste of resources (be it time, money, traffic, $yourmetric or a
>  wild mixture of all of them). Same for "local" vs. "internet" mirror.

This is documented in sources.list(5)

> So the mentioned setting effects situations in which package A and B are
> available from different sources - these are acquired in parallel if possible.

Which does not bring significant improvements in most cases.

> ¹ note that Wouter hasn't promised that. It was just pointed out that the
> desired behavior is actually already implemented (and I am just making it
> clear that this is the default value).

Would be nice to mention this also in the manpage ;)

Kind regards,
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