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Re: Hijacking^W^W^W^W^W^WSalvaging packages for fun and profit: A proposal

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 6:04 PM, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> So, reading this thread (which was surprisingly quiet, given the topic),
> it seems that everybody agrees that such a procedure would be a good
> thing (nobody had fundamental concerns). But now we have two proposed
> procedures:
>   - one which is based on a set of criterias
>   - one which is based on seconds

There is also my proposal:

It's not perfect, and I'm open to suggestions and improvements, but I
think it has some important advantages over the above.  One is that
piggybacks on existing NMU procedures (so it's not really new, but
refines the existing process).  Another is that it is fully
autonomous: whoever has interest to do the work is empowered to just
go ahead and do it.  In other words, let the best code win.  The third
is that its already been tested in practice: the wine package being
successfully salvaged without instigating any kind of adversarial
reaction by the salvager (myself) and the existing maintainer.

There are some worries in that bug log about too much deference to the
tech committee in case of disputes.  That is certainly a valid
concern, but presumably that is one of the tech committees primary
roles, and the goal of that wording is to direct parties in the right
direction toward a resolution in those cases.

Best wishes,

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