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Re: Hijacking^W^W^W^W^W^WSalvaging packages for fun and profit: A proposal

Le Mon, Oct 01, 2012 at 10:51:22AM +0200, Thijs Kinkhorst a écrit :
> I was wondering what 'acknowledging an NMU' means nowadays. Of course, we
> all used this term from the time that NMU's did not close bugs in the BTS
> and therefore needed to be explicitly acknowledged by an MU. However,
> since we have version tracking there's no need and I guess also no real
> way to acknowledge a NMU anymore. Or would this just mean "a maintainer
> upload happened after the NMU that didn't revert the changes"?

Hi Thijis,

Quoting Don Armstrong in the "Proposal to update NMU section 5.11.1" discussion
this year on debian-policy (as the list where changes to the Developers Reference
are also discussed):

  Versioning is a directed acyclic graph. Each version has at most one
  ancestor, though it may have many descendants. When you upload a
  maintainer upload (MU) without including the NMU changelog entry, you
  are indicating that your version is a descendant of the previous MU,
  not the NMU. That's perfectly ok, but if you've actually fixed bugs
  that were fixed in the NMU in your MU, you need to include lines in
  the changelog to that effect, or later on manually fix-up the


Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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