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Re: ${HOME} vs. g_get_home_dir ()

>>>>> Simon McVittie <smcv@debian.org> writes:
>>>>> On 26/09/12 17:12, Ivan Shmakov wrote:

 >> (Want to use the all-defaults configuration for a program?  Just
 >> start it like: $ HOME="$(mktemp -dt -- foo.XXXXXXXX)" foo)

 > Debian's GLib has been patched, and actually has this precedence:
 > G_HOME > getpwent > HOME.  This was originally intended for running
 > things like regression tests on buildds, where the HOME specified in
 > /etc/passwd typically doesn't exist or can't be written; so G_HOME
 > gets set in debian/rules to force the issue.

	ACK, thanks for the hint!


 >> I believe that this behavior is buggy.  There's even a (yet
 >> unresolved) bug report [2] against Gimp due to this behavior

 > To be more precise, that bug report is that the man page contradicts
 > what actually happens.  The maintainer appears to think the correct
 > solution is to fix the man page.

	If he didn't change his mind over the past four years, that is.

 >> To address the only concern listed in [1] I deem valid, I'm also
 >> asking that the value of HOME be disregarded, unless it points to a
 >> directory, which is readable, writable, and owned, by the user.

 > That sounds like a good proposal...

 >> Unless there be objections (or Glib be quickly patched), I'd be
 >> filing a bug report against libglib2.0-0.

 > ... but I don't think this is the right way to make it happen.
 > Please research previous discussion to check that you're not missing
 > arguments that have happened in the past,

	Any particular pointers?

	A scan over the past 2.5 years of gtk-devel-list@ archives
	revealed nothing, and a brief Web search has only brought more
	users disappointed by this behavior (e. g., [3]) and more
	explicit work-arounds (e. g., [4].)

[3] http://bugs.irssi.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=532
[4] http://zathura.pwmt.org/projects/girara/doxygen/utils_8c_source.html

 > then if you still think your proposal is the best option, take it
 > upstream.

 > I can see the value in having everything follow the same precedence,
 > $HOME > getpwent - predictability is good.  However, having Debian's
 > GLib contradict behaviour that is specifically documented upstream
 > doesn't sound as though it promotes predictability.  If your proposal
 > is good for Debian - which I think it is - then it's equally good for
 > upstream.


	I guess I should raise this issue on gtk-devel-list@.

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