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Re: Bug#687624: ITP: libdvdcss-pkg -- automated installer for libdvdcss

On Fri, 14 Sep 2012 22:09:48 Thomas Koch wrote:
> I remember a discussion from somewhere, sometime that it would be a good
> thing(tm) to have a common infrastructure (helper script) for this kind of
> packages. The common infrastructure should make sure that the downloaded
> files are crytographically checked against a hashsum.

We could start from one nice implementation and then think what it can become.
To me start from reasonably good template would be a good one.

> From my head I know these similar packages: flash-installer-nonfree, some
> microsoft fonts downloader, java-package (for sun's java), ...?

There is not too much similarity here: 

java-package expect user to download upstream archive and run make-jpkg to 
generate .deb and install generated debs manually (no upgrades).

Others do not build packages...

I'd like to handle upgrades and install only using package management system.


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