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Re: [proposal] use xz compression for Debian package by default

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 03:17:15PM +0100, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> I don't think it's worth +dfsg, and CPU cycles will only be wasted once
> on the maintainer side, since most of PNGs are in arch:all packages anyway.

I used to hack on the games-thumbnails package a bit, which ran optipng as part
of the build stage and removed the results as part of the clean stage.¹ It used
to be quite a pain to run 'debuild' over and over, if you were making small,
iterative packaging changes, because the 'clean' target would be run. I suppose
I could have simply ran the build stage by hand repeatedly instead.

¹ It would appear that the package no longer does the remove stage, from a
  cursory glance at the rules file these days. This is no doubt a pragmatic
  decision, but one that might conflict with people's build expectations.)

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