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Re: Proposal: Making Debian compiler agnostic

Le 29/08/2012 06:33, Russ Allbery a écrit :
> /*
>  * LLVM and Clang pretend to be GCC but don't support all of the __attribute__
>  * settings that GCC does.  For them, suppress warnings about unknown
>  * attributes on declarations.  This unfortunately will affect the entire
>  * compilation context, but there's no push and pop available.
>  */
> #if !defined(__attribute__) && (defined(__llvm__) || defined(__clang__))
> # pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wattributes"
> #endif

There exists some kind of push/pop but I'm not sure it is relevant is
your context nor that llvm/clang support them.
  In one of my projects where I include a header file that produces
warnings (with #warning ...) and that adds the "deprecated" attribute
to some function, I use:

#pragma GCC diagnostic push
#  pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wcpp"
#  include <CL/cl.h>
#pragma GCC diagnostic pop

#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wdeprecated-declarations"

Note that the "-Wdeprecated-declarations" is not in the push/pop
section because it needs to be active at the time that deprecated
functions are used, not at the time that deprecated functions are
declared with their attribute (ie in <CL/cl.h>)


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