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Allowing multi-arch specs in depends line?


I prepared a package for BOINC (http://boinc.berkeley.edu) with all the dependencies for owners of CUDA-savvy NVidia cards to help
installing the libraries. Since many scientific applications with BOINC only have 32bit binaries, there are extra dependencies for
the amd64 platform on the respective 32bit variants. This looked like
	libcuda1-ia32 [amd64]|nvidia-current [amd64]
in the past and was just fine. But recently the nvidia drivers became multiarched, so libcuda1-ia32 no longer exists. A respective
update built nicely, but lintian complains:

E: boinc-nvidia-cuda: bad-provided-package-name libcuda1:i386

The package name is fine, it is even installed:

$ dpkg -l libcuda1* | egrep '^(ii|\|\|)' | awk '{print $2,$3,$4}'
Name Version Architecture
libcuda1:amd64 304.37-1 amd64
libcuda1:i386 304.37-1 i386

Is there another way to express the dependency? Or is this a lintian bug? I found my specification rather intuitive.

Many thanks for your insights


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