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Re: Bug#685042: ITP: libpam-ssh -- Authenticate using SSH keys


On 16/08/12 11:29, Thomas Goirand wrote:
On 08/16/2012 09:01 AM, Jerome Benoit wrote:
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Jerome Benoit<g6299304p@rezozer.net>

* Package name    : libpam-ssh
   Version         : 1.97
   Upstream Author : Akorty Rosenauer
* URL             : http://pam-ssh.sourceforge.net/
* License         : BSD
   Programming Lang: C
   Description     : Authenticate using SSH keys

This PAM module provides single sign-on behavior for SSH.
The user types an SSH passphrase when logging in and is
authenticated if the passphrase successfully decrypts the
user's SSH private key. In the PAM session phase, an ssh-agent
process is started and keys are added. For the entire session,
the user can SSH to other hosts that accept key authentication
without typing any passwords.

As much as I can see, the package is still in Debian (though removed
from Wheezy).

You shouldn't open an ITP for a package that is already in the archive.
If your intention is to adopt the package, then you should follow the
MIA process, have the package orphaned, then rename the orphaned
bug as ITA (Intention To Adopt) adopt it by uploading new versions.
And for that, there's no need for an ITP.

The situation is ambiguous as I posted before in the debian-devel@lists.debian.org list:
the package is not orphaned, was removed but it is still present.
There is a void here, and it is why I asked on the list:
it was suggested to make an ITP since it was removed.

It appears that the Maintainer has retired from Debian.
According to him, his Debian packages are orphaned, and he has no more access to his Debian account.

Thanks for your intention to adopt this package,

Best wishes,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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