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Re: Bug#684396: ITP: openrc -- alternative boot mechanism that manages the services, startup and shutdown of a host

* Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> [2012-08-10 13:27]:

> Le vendredi 10 août 2012 à 11:56 +0200, Martin Wuertele a écrit : 
> > That we do no longer have glibc in the archive and we had a transition
> > to eglibc was an understandable maintainer decision.
> glibc/eglibc is not comparable to the other alternatives, the
> differences are extremely tiny.
> > How is core funcionality defined anyways?  If network is considered a
> > core function and then we have net-tools and iprout, ifupdown,
> > network-manager, wicd, ethtool, mii-diag,.... and users do have a
> > choice.
> And this leads to poor user experience because none of these
> alternatives offers everything we expect from the networking system.

This is true, makes one wonder though why only the gnome maintainers try
to force one specific of these alternatives on users.

> > We do not yet have mdev in the archive but I hope that changes with the
> > next release.
> I can’t wait to see the brokenness it will bring.

Can't be worse than the initial ~90 releases of udev (including
non-direct kernel upgrades).

Yours Martin

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