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node-like file conflicts

The following package pairs:
1) are co-installable,
2) both ship binaries with the same name, but in different directories within $PATH (e.g. one in /usr/bin, another in /usr/sbin):

sethdlc: ax25-tools dahdi
crm: crm114 pacemaker
cutter: cutter-testing-framework-bin cutter
gearmand: gearman-job-server gearman-server
update-locale: gosa-dev locales
sendpage: hylafax-client sendpage-server
rpcinfo: libc-bin rpcbind
lid: libuser id-utils
nfsiostat: nfs-common sysstat
vmware-user-suid-wrapper: open-vm-tools open-vm-toolbox
ptest: pacemaker parmetis-test
siggen: siggen tripwire
tcpd: tcm tcpd
vuname: util-vserver umview

Any volunteers to file bugs?

Jakub Wilk

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