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Re: [Pkg-postgresql-public] postgresql-* package namespace (was: Re: Bug#683486: ITP: barman -- Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL)

Hello Ansgar, Christoph,

Christoph Berg [2012-08-01 21:12 +0200]:
> The various postgresql-* packages are mostly plugins (PL/something)

Right, postgresql-X.Y-foo are server-side plugins which are specific
to a major PostgreSQL server version. They need to be versioned just
like PostgreSQL itself for upgrades, parallel installability, etc.

> which follow the example of postgresql-plperl-x.y (built from PG
> core). For real applications like barman, that's not really
> necessary.

Where "real applications" == client-side PostgreSQL users, i. e. which
only use libpq, not build against postgresql-server-dev-X.Y.

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