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Re: EFI BoF at DebConf

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 4:34 PM, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> Here's a summary of what we discussed in the EFI BoF [1] last week
> (9th July). Thanks to the awesome efforts of the DebConf video team,
> the video of the session is already online [2] in case you missed
> it. I've also attached the Gobby notes that were taken during the
> session. Again, thanks to the people who took part - we had a useful
> discussion.

One thing I don't think anyone has discussed yet is how key
transitions will work, if a distro-specific key is compromised, is the
OS able to update the SB keys?

> Any one binary can only be signed by one key.

Would it be possible/useful to circumvent this limitation by making
copies of the binary and then signing them?



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