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RFH: NFS support and networking

Hi folks,

For several years, there have been a number of NFS issues in
initscripts.  Some of those are now resolved, but there are
still a number of NFS issues present in wheezy which I'm
unable to resolve myself, either because I can't reproduce them
or because I'm insufficiently familiar with the issues

Some of these may be consequences of the new ifupdown and
associated changes, but not all.

We still have the ASYNCMOUNTNFS option in mountnfs.sh, which
is a horrible hack in its own right.  We should have a single
way to mount NFS filesystems that works in all cases, rather
than a poorly documented option that makes a broken script
work in some situations.

Current issues are:
#540291 initscripts: fails to mount NFS shares at boot
#674039 /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs: boot stalls by 3 minutes because network is not configured yet (using network-manager)

But we also have:
#430760 No NFS mounts after waking up server during client boot
#434570 if-up.d/mountnfs doesn't work on nfs-root systems
#434775 nfs-common: fails to mount nfs volumes when booted with ip= command line
#496007 initscripts: if-up.d/mountnfs should not try to wait for all auto interfaces
#521357 initscripts: /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs fails with slow interfaces (Token Ring)
#530583 add ASYNCMOUNTNFS to default rcS
#540291 initscripts: fails to mount NFS shares at boot
#551555 mountnfs.sh: start should declare dependency on name resolver
#578254 nfs mounts are not working at boot
#602212 initscripts: NFS shares not mounted properly when using WLAN and NetworkManager
#608862 network-manager: automounted nfs volumes no longer mount when connecting with wireless
#612519 initscripts: mountnfs ignore ASYNCMOUNTNFS=no for hotplug interfaces
#616330 /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs: mountnfs script stalls for 2minutes on boot

Even discounting the network-manager related bugs, there are a lot of
issues with NFS, and there have been for many years.  If we want
decent NFS support in wheezy, the mountnfs.sh and
/etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs scripts need some attention from an NFS

I would be very grateful for anyone who could contribute their time
for getting some of the above issues resolved for wheezy.


  .''`.  Roger Leigh
 : :' :  Debian GNU/Linux    http://people.debian.org/~rleigh/
 `. `'   schroot and sbuild  http://alioth.debian.org/projects/buildd-tools
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