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Re: emacs23 and/or emacs24 in Wheezy?

On Wed, 25 Jul 2012 21:58:20 +0200
Svante Signell <svante.signell@telia.com> wrote:

> Is emacs24 going to be the default package for Wheezy? 

emacs24 is not in Wheezy yet and has been uploaded to sid since the
automatic freeze exception was granted, so it does not have a free pass
into Wheezy.

> If so all the 34
> build-dependencies on emacs23 should be changed to emacs24. Alternately,
> should both versions be supported with status quo wrt these
> dependencies?

The final decision is between the maintainer and the release team - if
the maintainer asks for a freeze exception, the release team can
decide. However, a new upstream release not currently in testing would
not appear to meet the guidelines for a freeze exception, so it looks

More likely, only emacs23 will be in Wheezy but then I'm not the
maintainer and I'm not on release team, I'm just pointing you at the
relevant data and issues.


emacs24 wouldn't seem to meet any of the criteria for a freeze
exception and emacs23 currently doesn't have any RC issues in Wheezy,
so there would be no particular reason to do anything with emacs24.


Neil Williams

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