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Re: Re: [CTTE #614907] Resolution of node/nodejs conflict

Hi Jonas,

Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
On 12-07-17 at 08:07pm, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
>  On 2012-07-12 14:59, Don Armstrong wrote:
>  >=== Resolution ===
>  >The Technical Committee reaffirms the importance of preventing namespace
>  >collisions for programs in the distribution, while recognizing that
>  >compatibility with upstreams and with previous Debian releases is also
>  >important and that sometimes an imperfect balance must be struck between
>  >these three goals.

[details snipped]

>  Thank you, but I would appreciate if debian-devel-announce would stay
>  dedicated to important announcements which may be useful for a wide
>  range of developers. Messages which can be addressed to those
>  interested and are only of marginal use for others can be sent to
>  debian-devel instead.

We the directly involved received the message more directly too.

I believe the reason for targeting -announce as well was the initial
part about a more general principle, preserved in my quoting above,
which IMO does relate to all Debian developers in general.

I read the resolution as circumstancial, and thought the preamble had been written to respect tradition. If the decision is meant to be a precedent and that explains the choice of -announce, it would be good to phrase the principle concretely and have confirmation from the committee that this was intended.

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