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Debian stickers

Hi there.

Has anyone thought of making Debian stickers for
1. products that work with Debian
2. products that can have Debian installed on them

This would need some kind of database detailing products and any issues associated with them.

These could be grouped by company, country of origin, application etc.

Maybe there could also be an offenders top ten list for companies that aren't bothered 1. providing the software they developed using Debian or GPL code without build instructions
2. closed source firmware

I know I would have liked to see a page on the installation process that told me how well the PC I was installing Debian on was supported in terms of drivers and features.

For unidentified or new hardware it could offer to add the PC to a database where users of the same make/model could go to track updates in driver selection etc, or even do it for them.


Philip Ashmore

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