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Re: Multilicense `debian/copyright` file

On 14/07/12 07:25, Craig Small wrote:
> Have a look at src/dataset/unsigned.Set.cc:
> [...] you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
> the GNU Library General Public License [...]
> I have no idea why they have parts of the C library in the source code.

The extra permissions given by the LGPL aren't directly relevant to
non-libraries, but it's sometimes still useful to release non-library
source under LGPL, because if you do, it's possible to copy it into an
LGPL library later without getting permission from every copyright
holder to change the license.

The Telepathy project releases some applications under the LGPL, so that
we can prototype future library modules in the first application that
will use them, then copy them into our C library (also LGPL) after their
API/ABI becomes stable.


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