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scim: problems with libclutter-imcontext*


while working on scim, we found that there's a problem that appears to stem from
libclutter-imcontetext-0.1-dev apparently not being multi-arch'ed. I quote from
an email by Tz-Huan:

------------------ cut
The scim try to figure out the module directory of clutter-imcontext
in these ways:

* search clutter-libdir via `$PKG_CONFIG --variable=libdir
   if it successes, set the module directory to
* otherwise, set the module directory to $libdir/clutter-imcontext/immodules
  (libdir is passed when running configure script, so it should be
   in debian).

In testing, libclutter-imcontext-0.1-dev doesn't multi-archified itself
so scim get "/usr/lib" from the first step (pkg-config way) and set
the module directory to

However, libclutter-imcontext-0.1-dev does multi-archified in sid
so scim get "/usr/lib/${MULTI_ARCH_PATH}" from pkg-config and set the module
directory to /usr/lib/${MULTI_ARCH_PATH}/clutter-imcontext/immodules.
------------------ cut

What would be the preferred way to solve this problem, please?


Kind regards,

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