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Re: Bug#679853: general: Too much downtime during a big dist-upgrade - avoidable with snapshots

]] Wouter Verhelst 

> Yes, freedesktop people have given up on many useful things, which is a
> shame in my opinion (consider the fact that dbus can't be restarted on a
> running system without causing breakage).

There's no «freedesktop people».  fdo is a set of fairly loosely
associated projects.

> That doesn't necessarily need to mean that Debian can't do the right
> thing, though. If indeed restart after upgrade becomes the default, then
> that could fix some similar issues. Mean time, if "short downtime"
> really is important to you, there's a workaround: don't upgrade all your
> packages with dist-upgrade, but upgrade the important packages (Apache
> and MySQL in your example) plus their dependencies first (so the list of
> packages being upgraded is much smaller, and the time between "things go
> down" and "things are up again"), and *then* do a dist-upgrade
> (upgrading everything else).

If you need short down-time, you should be using multiple hosting
locations and such anyway, so just take one host out of rotation,
upgrade it with reboots and whatnot, re-rotate it.  Repeat for all the
other hosts.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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