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locking system users on package removal

On 30/06/12 13:24, Stephan Springl wrote (on Bug #679642):
> quake-server does neither install nor purge properly on systems
> without shadow password because usermod gives an error for its
> e option in this case.

I took this use of usermod from the discussion on debian-devel regarding
Policy bug #621833 (where it was originally suggested by Roger Leigh),
so this potentially affects quite a few packages.

Stephan's proposed patch (below) makes me think we really need a script
(or dpkg-maintscript-helper subcommand) that locks and unlocks system
users, in which we can make changes like this once and have them affect
every relevant package, rather than individually patching every
maintainer script.

Roger: does the change below look appropriate?


[in the preinst]
> -    usermod -U -e '' quake-server
> +    if [ -f /etc/shadow ]; then
> +      usermod -U -e '' quake-server
> +    else
> +      usermod -U quake-server
> +    fi
[in the postrm]
>      # Lock account on purge
> -    usermod -L -e 1 quake-server
> +    if [ -f /etc/shadow ]; then
> +        usermod -L -e 1 quake-server
> +    else
> +        usermod -L quake-server
> +    fi

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