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Bug#679236: O: ckport -- portability analysis and security checking tool

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

Hereby I orphan the package ckport.
The package as made hardy useful by Ron Lee's personal vendetta against me.
While not directly related most packages provided data for this package
("ckport database") will be removed or orphaned.

As it is not fully useless I only orphan it not asking for RM.

The package itself is in good shape. Upstream development is not affected by this.
I hope the package will find a new home. I will gladly help a new maintainer
as needed.

The package description is:
 ckport is a tool to check already compiled binaries and libraries for porting
 and security problems.
 It uses objdump to read the binaries and analyses calls and jumps to functions.
 This package is architecture independent and can be used on non-host
 architecture binaries if an objdump tool for the target architecture
 is installed.

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