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Re: Bug#678815: ITP: wmfs -- Window Manager From Scratch


First, thank to everyone for having responded.

I've read the list of window managers in Thomas Koch's email, and, as
said Serge, there are only a few tiling window managers in this list:

-  Awesome requires programming skills
-  Bluetile is for GNOME and there is no taskbar and no systray
-  dwm hasno configuration file
-  fvwm is very hard to setup
-  herbstluftwm has no window decoration, no launcher, no taskbar and no systray
-  i3-wm has a different behavior ("tree data structure")
-  larswm seems very good, but there is no launcher, no widgets in the
taskbar and no window decoration
-  matchbox seems to be for embedded systems
-  ratpoison has no window decoration and no launcher
-  xmonad has no window decoration and no launcher

I'm not saying that WMFS is better than those window manager or that
WMFS is perfect, but that WMFS offer another user experience than the
window managers already in the Debian archive.

As someone said in the thread, i forgotten to describe all the
caracteristics of WMFS.

So WMFS has the following features:

-   it's lightwieght
-   it's easily configurable
-   it's not ugly
-   there is are parametrable launcher (kind of prompts)
-   there is a systray
-   it supports Xinerama (for multiple displays)
-   it's EWMH-compliant
-   it supports rules
-   you can use the mouse for almost everything
-   you can reload the configuration on-the-fly
-   it can dynamically create/delete tags
-   you can add what you want in the taskbar/titlebars: progressbars,
graphs, buttons, colors, images ...
-   the layout is manual
-   you can tab several clients in one window
-   it supports themes
-   you can use includes to split the configuration
-   you can control it remotely

Q: what's its focus model: focus-follows-mouse, click-to-focus, etc?
A: Both, you can select the one you want with the `focus` option in
the config file

Q: does it have a GUI configuration?
A: GVim ?

Q: does it support workspaces?
A: Yes, but that's called "tags"

Q: does it allow to move windows with mouse?
A: Yes, you can move, resize, tab, change tag and close with the mouse

Q: does it support urgency hints (WM_HINTS, NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION)?
A: Yes, it highlights the clients that demands attention with a color
of the theme

Q: is it just tiling? what about stacking mode or floating windows?
A: No, there is also a floating mode. Dialogs are in floating mode by default.

Q: is it utf8/unicode friendly? works for window titles in french or korean?
A: Good question, i will try that as soon as possible ...

Q: is it translated to other languages?
A: There is a French and a Spanish documentation on the wiki, but WMFS
just manage windows and draw titlebars/taskbars, so it doesn't speaks
english more than another language...

Q: freetype/Xft or X core fonts?
A: It supports freetype fonts

Q: shape extension? round windows? (e.g. `xeyes`)
A: I admit i haven't tryed...

Q:  how much RAM it takes?
A: I haven't measured but its a lightweight program.

Q: is it low-dependency (GTK/Qt/Tk/etc.)?
A: It only depends of the Xlib, Xinerama and Imlib2

There is a wiki with more informations here:


The wiki also contains explainations about the configuration and
configuration examples:


Have a nice day

Mickaël Raybaud-Roig <raybaudroigm@gmail.com>

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