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Re: Bug#678815: ITP: wmfs -- Window Manager From Scratch

 ❦ 24 juin 2012 19:15 CEST, Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> :

>> > I shortened the list to only include one line for each window manager already 
>> > in Debian:

I think the list is incomplete. For example, awesome is not in it but is
properly tagged.

>> You're right, there are already a lot of X11 window managers in Debian ...
>> But WMFS is not already in the list and it works fine, that's why I want to package it :-)
> That is no reason for it to be in Debian.
> Debian is not a dumping ground for every piece of free software just
> because it "works fine".

A window manager is something highly personal (like an editor). You put
a lot of effort to configure it and to get used to it. If Debian didn't
had my favorite window manager, I would be quite unhappy to have to
learn one which was here before. Plus, I would need to rewamp my whole
printk("??? No FDIV bug? Lucky you...\n");
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