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Re: MIA ping Jürgen Rinas (sinfo)

On 23/06/12 07:47, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> Hi Dimitrijs
>> sinfo package is not RC, but it hasn't been updated in a while.
>> Jürgen Rinas or Gaudenz Steinlin do you intend to continue maintaining it?
> Thanks for the heads up. Jürgen do you still intend to maintain sinfo in
> Debian? The last contact we had was quite some time ago and back then
> you were still interested. I can do an occasional update, but as I'm no
> longer using it myself I won't do too much (especially if there are no
> bugs reported). If someone wants to fill my role as sponsor and
> occasional co-maintainer just contact me. I'm happy to hand this over to
> more interested parties.

This package came up:
* FTBFS with ld --as-needed http://bugs.debian.org/638598
Fixed in ubuntu, patch submitted to debian
* NMU FTBFS with gcc 4.7 (0.0.42-1.1)
Fixed by doko, merged in ubuntu by me for boost1.49 transition.

I would appreciate if fix for #638598 is uploaded into debian, then the
package would be in sync in ubuntu.

There is a new upstream release.

After that, let's find a maintainer for this package: Jürgen,
RFA/someone new, orphan...

At least if it's orphaned people, QA uploads can be done.


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