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Bug#678382: RFH: libept -- High-level library for managing Debian package information

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the libept package.

The package description is:

 The library defines a very minimal framework in which many sources of data
 about Debian packages can be implemented and queried together.
 The library includes four data sources:
  * APT: access the APT database
  * Debtags: access the Debtags tag information
  * Popcon: access Popcon package scores
  * The Xapian index built by apt-xapian-index

I do not have the energy to maintain libept anymore. #540218 has a plan
for gradually replacing it with better options. #677551 has specific
details wrt dropping aptitude's dependency on libept, so that it can
become a far less critical piece of infrastructure.

I'll try to keep libept afloat until it's gone, but I won't be able to
do much besides dealing with the occasional FTBFS on toolchain changes,
or helping to port client code to use libapt-pkg/libxapian.

Help is very welcome to keep on top of the former.



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