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Re: Build environment bug: 675125


> I've an interesting problem: bug #675125.
> Its a grave bug against slang2, as it breaks jed, (and other things).
> slang2-2.2.14-12+ (in sid) breaks jed for certain locales (C is broken,
> *.UTF-8 look fine);
> but slang2_2.2.14-10 (in testing) looks fine.
> The trouble is, while downgrading to -10 fixes issues, _rebuilding_ -10
> in sid results in a
> broken libslang2 ; i.e. the problem is not the slang2 package, but the
> build environment.
> So far i've tested with ncurses, locale from testing but haven't found
> the cause yet.
> While i'm still investigating, _something_ in the sid environment is the
> real culprit and
> I can't assign a bug to it yet until I pin it down. Has anyone seen a
> similar issue elsewhere,
> or got a hint as to how to handle it? I want to make  sure we don't just
> freeze on the current slang but ship the
> broken environment.

Try gcc/g++ 4.6 instead of 4.7. Maybe check if "S-Lang load path" (wherever that
is stored) is initialized in a sane way. I had a similar issue where an integer
was 0 all the time - although not being initialized with something useful -
which changed with gcc 4.7, then it was just a random value :)

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