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Re: DEP-8 extension proposal: Add source package header

Hello Ian,

Ian Jackson [2012-06-15 17:18 +0100]:
> > I saw that coming: There would be little dispute about adding a
> > header, but lots of difficulty to find a good name. :-) Perhaps we
> > should think about an actual name for DEP-8 first (similar to what we
> > had with DEP-5 -> "copyright 1.0 format"), and then use an
> > abbreviation of that for the XS-Testsuite: value?
> Is there some reason why we can't use "autopkgtest" ?  It's a pretty
> boring name really and I don't mind it being reused for both spec and
> implementation.  That's a thing we do quite often anyway.  Eg "dpkg" :-)

FTR, I think "autopkgtest" as a spec name is just fine. It conveys
what the standard is about rather well in a really short name.


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