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Re: Bug#677474: Substvars for Build-Depends in the .dsc file


it seems that my idea is not well received; point taken, and I do like
the alternative about debian/rules creating debian/control in the clean

Nevertheless :-)

Am Sonntag, den 17.06.2012, 13:39 +0200 schrieb Goswin von Brederlow:
> I think that the sources-subvars target must function without any
> Build-Depends-(Indep) installed because otherwise:
> - Checking out the source from RCS or downloading the source leaves the
> source without full Build-Depends.

Getting it from source gives you the .dsc file, so you do have the
information. Getting it from RCS; well, that is not an official way for
Debian to distribute sources so it is up to the maintainers what comfort
level they’d provide.

> - Without Build-Depends the source can not be build.
> - Without build the sources-subvars can't be generated.
> and you are stuck in a vicious circle.

Not so vicious if the missing build dependencies are obvious from
possible error messages: If the build process complains about haskell
library foo missing, you know you have to install libghc-foo-dev.

> Similar for a debian/control target in debian/rules. Although there you
> at least have the old Build-Depends to get you started.

Not if you follow the rule that no auto-generated file should live in
the VCS. As above, this is up to the maintainers to decide; cleanliness
of the repo vs. comfort for the check-outer.

> Overall I'm not sure the substvars would be better than a debian/control
> target.

I find generating debian/control somewhat of an hack (as it would be a
hack go generate it when creating binary dependencies), but not a bad
hack, hence I’m not reopening the bug.


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