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Re: [RFC] Add upstream VCS info to control file


On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 02:59:26PM +0200, Gregor Jasny wrote:
> Hello,
> When one tries to fix a FTBFS bug a look into the upstream VCS is
> often helpful. Sometimes a link to browse them is easily found on
> the homepage linked from the PTS page. But often these links are
> deeply buried in the linked website.
> What I'd like to see in the Debian control file are Vcs-Upstream
> fields that work like their Vcs- pendents but point to the upstream
> sources. These URLs would also be linked in the PTS.
> Does this sound reasonable?

We can think of 3 candidate files.
 #1, debian/copyright
 #2, debian/watch
 #3, debian/control (Not for me but you suggested)

debian/copyright in DEP-5 form has information on the upstream source
tar ball site but in human parsable format under "Source:".  Requesting
to add "Source-VCS:" field or something similar to debian/copyright
seems most natural.  

debian/watch has information on the upstream source tar ball with
computer parsable regular expression format.  I will not oppose to add
some extension of this format to support such needs, too.  

debian/control file has information on Debian package. (not for upstream
tar ball).  This is the least likely place to use for such purpose.



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